How to Tie a Tie: Zoom on the Windsor Knot

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You wish to project an image of power, confidence and authority. Here is the perfect knot for special occasions.
Spotlight on the most fashionable way to wear a tie: The Windsor Knot
The Windsor knot originated in England, where the Duke of Windsor democratized it. It’s a particularly elegant knot.
It’s worn on special occasions and is not that simple to tie! Here’s how, step by step.

Before you begin, make sure to button your shirt all the way to the top!

Step 1

Thread the wide end of the tie between the tie and your neck, and then a second time on the other side.

Step 2

Wrap the wide end in front of the double knot formed.

Step 3

Thread the wide end between the knot and your neck.

Step 4

Make sure the length is correct.

Step 5

Thread the wide end into the knot.
Adjust the wide end and the knot.
Pull up the knot and tighten it.
To make sure the length of the tie is correct, ensure the point of the tie arrives at belt level.

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